Certified SEO – Infiniti Digital Marketing

Get noticed by search engines. Start off small or conquest your entire market...

Search Optics Certified SEO programs include everything you need to increase your search engine visibility:

Monitor the competition

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Know what the competition is doing so you can either stay even or get ahead of the curve.

Keyword monitoring

Not everyone knows your Infiniti dealership by name. Use general and specific search terms to target the area you are serving and the customers you want.

Link building

You’re only as good as your weakest link. Earn more endorsements from other quality sites to prove your Infiniti site is reputable and enhance your search engine ranking.

On-site changes

Each month we will offer you several recommendations to improve your Infiniti website and strengthen your presence in the search engines.

Month-end reporting

How will you know which way to go if you don't know where you already are? Receive reports on all of your Infiniti dealership search engine optimization efforts.

SEO prices that any Infiniti dealer can afford: